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Stereo LocFi

LocFi is a ‘dynamic distortion unit’ based on the Shure Level-Loc PA Limiter from the 60’s. Featuring a unique character, this JFET based limiter provides the same aggressive compression from the original, with added functions which allow you to shape the effect from subtle texture to highly distorted and pumping sound.

Now in Stereo Rack format, the device is built in a 1u. Rack, using XLR Input & Output connectors and Low-Noise internal PSU

It’s designed to provide characteristic sound, while being able to get different results and not being a ‘one trick horse’. With a unit like this, experimentation is the key.

Note: Using extreme settings, this processor can be noisy, we designed the device for a gritty, crunchy sound as something desirable.

User Manual

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